Candidate Evaluation Committee will evaluate those state and national candidates who, if elected or reelected to public office, will represent all or a portion of their county. Following their evaluation the Committees will decide which candidate, for a specific  public office, to recommend for an AgriPac endorsement.


  • Must be a Farm Bureau member.
  • Must be non-partisan.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Evaluate those state and national candidates who will represent all or a portion of their county and who, if elected or reelected to public office, will best represent agriculture.
  • Once the candidates are evaluated, decide which candidate to recommend to the MFB AgriPac Committee for an AgriPac endorsement.
  • Once candidates are endorsed by the MFB AgriPac Committee, help conduct appropriate activities to help get AgriPac endorsed candidates elected.

Time Commitment:

  • Attend kickoff workshop.
  • Attend scheduled candidate evaluation meetings.
  • Plan and participate in activities to help get AgriPac endorsed candidates elected.
NameContact Info
James DomagalskiPosition: Chair
Phone: (586) 727-9639
Email: [email protected]