Proposed policy resolutions approved by delegates at the county annual meeting

View the resolutions below that were approved at the county annual and submitted to the state policy development committee to be considered at the Michigan Farm Bureau annual meeting. 

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Local ResolutionSt. Clair County Farm Bureau recognizes that many youth in the county do not have the opportunity to experience production agriculture. A hands-on learning center for agriculture (plant and animal production) in St. Clair County that would provide practical experiential learning related to food production would be beneficial to youth in our county who do not currently have this opportunity. A hands-on learning center could be a partnership made up of several organizations, including but not limited to: Michigan State University Extension and 4-H program, St. Clair County Parks and Recreation, St. Clair County Farm Museum, St. Clair County Intermediate School District, and St. Clair County Farm Bureau.
344-LabelingAdvances in cell culture technology have allowed meat to be grown in a lab dish. Several start-up companies have received investments to further refine the technology to produce large quantities of lab-grown meat at affordable prices. Lab-grown meat originates from cells taken from animals. The complete process that is being used by these companies is not fully understood or public at this point. These companies like to call the product ‘clean meat’. Others not associated with the manufacturing of the product refer to it as ‘imitation meat’. The Food and Drug Administration held a meeting in Washington, D.C. on July 12, 2018 to discuss who will have jurisdiction over lab-grown meat. Currently, meat and meat products fall under regulatory jurisdiction by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). It is unknown at this time which agency will regulate lab-grown meat. Be it resolved that St. Clair County Farm Bureau members oppose having lab-grown meat called meat, as it is not a natural meat product. Furthermore, be it resolved, that St. Clair County Farm Bureau members believe that the USDA should regulate any lab-grown meat products so that the same stringent regulatory requirements that apply to meat processing apply to lab-grown meat. Regardless of which governmental agency oversees lab-grown meat, the labeling of this product needs to be clear and not misleading to consumers.